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How to Take Care of Your Succulents

Succulents species are attractive plants. They produce leaves that form together. They have different colors according to various species. As much as the plants thrive best out in the field, they can also grow well in enclosed areas. It is very easy for you to grow succulents. You should ensure that you provide favorable conditions for them to thrive. There are different ways on how you can maintain the plants.

It is essential to ensure that you water the water in moderation. It is essential for the benefit of plants. For the good of the succulents, ensure that the soil does not have any water. Ensure that you do not water the plants in excess. More water is important during the summer season. Use less water on them during their dormancy stage. Use a bit much water but less often if your plants are indoors.

Your plants should experience enough hours to the sun.They need much sunlight for them to thrive. Enough sunlight is important for the development of bright colors for the succulents.However, afternoon shade may help the colors to last longer. If you have these indoors, it’s important for them to grow near or facing the window where they can receive at least six hours of sunlight. Moreover, too much sun is harmful to the succulents.

Plant them in favorable soils. The best soils for the succulents are sand soil with the ability to drain well.However, they require very little amount of soil for them to thrive. You should ensure that the soil is not acidic nor alkaline.Most potted plants come with standard soil that works for them. They do not seem to thrive well in this standard soil due to its poor drainage.

The plants should be grown under suitable conditions. They require cool nights for them to be healthy. Too much cold is harmful to the succulents. During the summer season, the temperatures should be higher as compared to during the winter.Temperatures below freezing damage the plants.

Insect infestation damages the plants. Maintaining your succulents is important since they are protected from insects and bugs. Insects can be brought about by over-accumulation of water in the soil. It is important for you to space your plants to avoid growth of molds and insects.

The type of pots tend to play a major role in protecting your plants. Materials such as glazed ceramics do not impose any harm to the plants. You should avoid using pots made of glass as they may cause harm to the plants.This may cause the soil to be soggy and may cause harm to the plants and also lead to insect infestation.Hence, it is important you consider containers that you can create a hole to facilitate draining.

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